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This is a selection of previous garden design projects we have completed.  Please scroll down the page to view our garden design gallery detailing the wide range and scale of projects we have undertaken to make up our garden design portfolio. 

Formal Garden

Client : Sharon & Jon

Brief : To create a garden that could be used by all the family.  The design had to include a pathway around the garden to enable its use throughout the year.  Following our initial design meetings we identified that the couples preferred style is quiet formal.  The love of Acers also had to be included in the design along with some vibrant colours in the planting scheme.


Solution : We created a formal avenue of hornbeam trees under-planted with box hedging surrounding a lavender and allium bed which will spill onto the path.  This avenue leads up to a Haddenstone water feature which will have a bed of acer’s framing it as you walk down the avenue. The path then meanders from here round a bed of rhododendrons to a curved wall area under the existing yew trees.  From this secluded seating area the pathway leads to the patio area which will have a trellis back drop planted with clematis tying it into to a large planting bed to give year round colour.

Crakemarsh1.jpg Crakemarsh4.JPG




Plant Lovers Garden

Client Nick & June

Brief : Both Nick and June love their gardens and plants so the design had to allow for lots of planting.  The site is on a very difficult slope so a retaining wall was needed to be constructed from traditional materials.  The clients wanted and area for entertaining and the sound of running water from a natural water feature.


June & Nick1.JPG

Solution : We first constructed the natural stone retaining wall complete with steps leading to a pathway up the garden. The garden wall design was the key element to this garden. The pathway leads through the two main flower beds and at one point turns into a false bridge under which the water feature gently cascades down through the lower planting area.  The garden also features a thatched Breeze House for entertaining and a lower patio area.

wall.jpg June & Nick3.JPG

June& Nick2.JPG

June & Nick4.JPG June & Nick5.JPG


Contemporary Garden for Entertaining .

Client : Jody

Brief : A low maintenance area that looks stylish and modern with plenty of room to entertain in the evening.



Solution : We combined the stunning look of black limestone paving with timber decking to produce a stunning garden design example.  The garden has a series of 12 volt LED lights illuminating the pathway and entertaining areas.  All the walls have a rendered finish and are painted in a neutral stone outdoor paint.  The planting is kept simple with a small “chill out” lawn surrounded with architectural plants like Bamboo Phyllostachys aurea and Fatsia japonica.  This is an excellent example of a small garden with a modern design.





Terraced Garden

Client : John & Tina

Brief : John and Tina had a very difficult sloping site that consisted of a bank of lawn.  John wanted to be able to use the garden for entertaining close to the house, making use of its south facing aspect.  Tina is a keen gardener and wanted plenty of areas for planting an herbaceous and shrub border and also wanted a kitchen garden.

John & Tina 3.JPG

Solution : To make best use of the garden we had to start by creating a series of terraces which meant large amounts of excavation and construction for retaining walls.  We constructed a patio area based on a series of curves and the retaining wall curved both in plan view and also curved up the slope to soften the effect.  We made use of this curve to build the steps up the pathway to the top of the garden.
The kitchen garden was constructed in a more traditional series of terrace for each raised bed.  This gently guiding you up through the garden to the feature greenhouse at the top of the kitchen garden.
The garden also benefits from a wonderful lighting scheme which makes this a enchanting garden and a wonderful place to relax in the early evening.

John & Tina2.JPG

John & Tina1.JPG


Victorian Kitchen Garden

Client  : Harrod Horticultural

Brief : Design a traditional kitchen garden to be aesthetically pleasing to the existing garden and to provide space to trial their range of kitchen garden products.



Solution : Based on a traditional bed rotation system used by the Victorian kitchen gardeners we came up with a series of beds divided by a series of pathways to make maintenance easier.  These beds are all edged with box plants in a traditional style.
This was one of our design and manage projects where we designed the garden then helped lay the garden out on the ground.  The Harrod team then constructed and planted the project.





We do undertake a range of projects including driveways.  Here is a range of driveway projects we have completed.


Martin Lee1.JPG

Bill Lee1.JPG


Low Maintenance Front Garden

Client : Sue & John

Brief: Create a low maintenance attractive front garden.



Solution:  This was a long thin site on a north facing wall of the house.  We decided to try to split the space into two areas and create beds of shade loving plants and wall climbers.  We used some traditional features that the client had like the stone trough sink and old cheese press from the farm house.

 Sue1.JPG Sue2.JPG


First Time Garden

Client : Zoe

Brief: Add interest to my rectangular plot and create a space to entertain and relax in.



Solution: The garden had a rear entrance so we needed to create a pathway to the gate. We added interest to the garden by creating three raised beds of differing heights and a pathway through the garden to suit the angular style and shape.


Terraced Front Entrance

Client : John

Brief : Create an attractive and easier to maintain front entrance to the house.

Solution: We created a series of terraces on this difficult site by using a combination of stone walling for the lower tier to tie in with the existing walling.  We then created the different levels using tanalised timber sleepers.



Cottage Garden.

Client: Martin

Brief : The existing garden was well established but the garden needed refreshing with a new patio area and series of garden rooms for use throughout the day depending on the position of the sun.



Solution : We were sympathetic with the existing planting and tried to keep any established plants to give the garden an instant maturity.  We used a natural sandstone paving material for the main patio area and blended this into hogging flooring for the other garden rooms.  The borders were all edged with natural stone and we constructed a natural stone retaining wall coped with a traditional sandstone coping stone.  The different elements of the garden and planting were illuminated with 12 volt lighting.




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